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 EXCLUSIVE mint coming in 2023!

This NFT collection is dedicated to the Irish diaspora and celebrates the millions of Irish abroad. The Irish diaspora refers to the widespread dispersion of people of Irish ancestry and heritage throughout the world. This dispersal began with the Great Famine of the mid-19th century, when millions of Irish people emigrated due to poverty and famine, and continued throughout the 20th century. Today, the Irish diaspora is estimated to number over 80 million people globally. This is a multi-generational project on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Paddy The Cop
Gambler Paddy


Each Paddy is a snapshot of the different lives, occupations and devilment that Paddy found himself. As you’ll see, Paddy went EVERYWHERE. He even got as far as the White House, but more on that later. Good man Paddy.

There are only 1847 Paddys in this collection!

The 1930's Collection

Road map

The roadmap for the collections will be guided by the community. As things currently stand, Paddy has a loose outline of this in his mind. But Paddy is open-minded, so this can all change. The plan, for now, is as follows;

Team Created

The idea for an Irish Themed NFT is born. 

March, 2022
Autumn/Winter 2022

NFT Community

  • Community Building Begins. 
  • Initial Ideas Submitted To Artist
  • Artist Work Begins


Time to grab your Paddys!

OGs will be the first to mint with a 50% discount. There are 250 OG spots.

1000 Whitelisted members will mint after that.

Summer, 2023
Summer 2023


Staking will begin, with different levels of returns depending on the amount and rarity of Paddys held. 

Cottage Purchase

Plans submitted to the community (All Hodlers) to purchase our Irish Cottage.

Summer 2023
Autumn 2023

Continued Building

There are plans in place to launch at least 3 more generations of Paddys. 1960's 1990's and 1 special drop to hodlers. 


A Bunch Of Irish Misfits That Wanted To Celebrate Our Heritage And Create A Community And Project That Gives Something Back To All The Other Crypto Bums!

Irish NFT Collection

Financier And Co-Founder Of Paddy’s Odyssey

A cryptocurrency advocate for over a decade. 

Financier And Co-Founder Of Paddy’s Odyssey

Little Is Known About The Brute, Only That He Enjoys Wine, Cryptocurrency And The Company Of Strangers

Irish NFT Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have lots of questions! Paddys love giving you answers!

Paddy The Army

Paddy The Soilder No. 77

Jailbird Paddy No. 77

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When is the mint date ?

Mint day is set for 4.30pm (GMT) St. Patricks Day 2023 (17/3/2023

What are PADDYS?

NFT collection is dedicated to the Irish diaspora and celebrates the millions of Irish abroad.
Each Paddy Is A Snapshot Of The Various Lives, Occupations And Devilment That Paddy Found Himself. They All Have A Unique Story. Some Tragic, Some Euphoric.
Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this NFT collection will be VERY Exclusive.

Some of the highlights:
EXCLUSIVE MINT! (Very Limited) Staking (POG Token)
Stout (Our Potion for 2nd Gen)
 Exclusive Access to Our Summer Cottage in Ireland!.

What is POG?

Our native token, used for staking and other feature throughout the project is POG. 

What exactly will i get ?

On mint day you can purchase 1 Paddy NFT. If you want to hold more, they will be available on the secondary market on Opensea. To see the full range of benefits from holding a Paddy, check our Whitepaper. 

Join us on Discord to become part of an amazing community. We have a beautiful active community, where everyone is a PADDY!