Paddy The Politician

What are PADDYS?

Each Paddy is a snapshot of the various lives, occupations and devilment that Paddy found himself. They all have a unique story. Some tragic, some euphoric. As you’ll see, Paddy went EVERYWHERE. He even got as far as the White House, but more on that later. Good man Paddy.

WHy buy a paddy?

As a community-driven project, its very important to us that Hodlers gain access to utilities and benefits.

One of the cornerstones of our project is providing exclusive access to a holiday home/Summer cottage in one of the many beautiful coastal regions in Ireland.

ALL hodlers of a Paddy will have a chance to enjoy this. Though OGs will have first preference on times. OGs will also get a 50% discount on minting day.

There will also be staking opportunities for Paddys hodlers, an exclusive space in our Discord server for further discussion on project development.

All holders will have access to FREE swag, Stout (Our potion for a special drop later next year), decision-making and staking.

Furthermore, there are plans already afoot for at least 2 more generations of Paddys.

There will also be a yearly meet up of all hodlers in Ireland to celebrate our Irish culture and heritage.

Please see the white paper for more details on Paddy’s Odyssey.