Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have lots and lots of questions.. Check the FAQs below. 

When is the mint date ?

Our first minting round for OGs is St. Patricks Day 2023

What’s is POG?

Pot Of Gold (POG) is our native token that will be used to power the DAO, staking, rewards and other community initiatives.. 

Where Can I Learn More?

There is a lot of valuable information on the site. But the best place to meet us, and ask questions is on our Discord group. Link Here

How Many NFTs Will There be?

Our first collection is limited to 1847 Paddys! 

Who Are You Guys?

We are a very small team of Irish crypto enthusiasts based in Ireland and The United Kingdom. 

How Do I Earn POG?

You can collect POG tokens by Staking your NFT after our launch. You can also earn POG from the revenue sharing from income generated from our community cottage. 

Every NFT is unique ?

Yes, every NFT is unique with varying degrees of rarity. There are 20 one of ones.

What utility Do You Have?

One Of The Cornerstones Of Our Project Is Providing Exclusive Access To A Holiday Home/Summer Cottage In One Of The Many Beautiful Coastal Regions In Ireland.

ALL Hodlers Of A Paddy Will Have A Chance To Enjoy This. 

Revenue generated from the cottage will also be distributed every 3 months to all Paddy NFT holders!