A bunch of irish misfits that wanted to celebrate our heritage and create a community and project that gives something back to all the other crypto bums!

Paddy The Hobo NFT

creator and founder of Paddy’s Odyssey

A cryptocurrency advocate for over a decade. 

Brute Force

Chief Operations Office (COO)

A Blockchain proponent experienced in marketing and community outreach. Little is known about the Brute, only that he enjoys whiskey, cryptocurrency and the company of strangers.
Irish NFT Doctor
Irish NFT

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Our CMO has a strong technical background In Cryptocurrency and NFTs. He has thrived in a fast-moving and dynamic environment and has managed highly interdependent, complex projects and kept various workstreams on track. He has previously worked on projects such as 

Marketing & Collaborations

A somewhat mysterious bloke from the far-flung reaches of Scandinavia. A crypto advocate and enthusiast for many years. Loves the outdoors, sport and romance.

Irish Army NFT