Why An Irish NFT Collection?
Why An Irish NFT Collection?

The Irish diaspora refers to the widespread dispersion of people of Irish ancestry and heritage throughout the world. This dispersal began with the Great Famine of the mid-19th century, when millions of Irish people emigrated due to poverty and famine, and continued throughout the 20th century. Today, the Irish diaspora is estimated to number over 80 million people globally, with significant populations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. The Irish diaspora has maintained strong cultural ties to Ireland, with many retaining a strong connection to their heritage and traditions through events, organizations, and community groups.

Collection Launch Date 17th March 2023

This project is intended to honour those that count Ireland as their spiritual and emotional home.
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Why Paddys Odyssey?

Paddy The Politician
Paddy The Prisoner NFT

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